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Siletz Bay Music Festival Fundraising Recital

It was a magical moment!

The Siletz Bay Music Festival brings world-class music to audiences in Lincoln City, Oregon. It is my privilege to be their photographer. Lindsay Deutsch and Gerald Robbins had the audience spellbound with their recital of Brahms and Gershwin.

Video and audio recordings can capture the total performance. I believe there is a place for a different kind of record. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the energy and musical conversation with a still photograph. There are interesting moments of intensity that can only be celebrated with a photograph.

The New Website has Launched

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I have been looking forward to launching this website for several months. It is going to allow for better interaction between Blue Water Photography and my clients. I will be posting  a lot of information that will help you get the most value out of my photography.

Thanks to Brian at Spoonfed Group for his hard work on getting this website transitioned and functional. He is brilliant with the “under the hood” website details.

I am getting ready for a busy season of weddings and family portraits. The spring and summer calendar is starting to fill. It is always nice to have enough time to plan the photography session to insure that it happens smoothly.

Thank you for stopping by.