More from the Siletz Bay Music Festival

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Siletz Bay Music Festival Fundraising Recital

It was a magical moment!

The Siletz Bay Music Festival brings world-class music to audiences in Lincoln City, Oregon. It is my privilege to be their photographer. Lindsay Deutsch and Gerald Robbins had the audience spellbound with their recital of Brahms and Gershwin.

Video and audio recordings can capture the total performance. I believe there is a place for a different kind of record. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the energy and musical conversation with a still photograph. There are interesting moments of intensity that can only be celebrated with a photograph.

Siletz Bay Music Festival – A taste of what we’re in for this summer!

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Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay - Lincoln City, Oregon

Sunday afternoon I had the good fortune to be the event photographer for a fundraiser event for the Siletz Bay Music Festival. Pianist, Gerald Robbins and violinist, Lindsay Deutsch provided a wonderful afternoon of music in the intimate setting of the new Eventuary in Lincoln City, Oregon. I will be posting photographs of the concert in the next few days. We are very fortunate to have these opportunities on the central Oregon coast.

Small Town Values in Lincoln City, Oregon

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For the last several years I have been creating the executive portraits for staff and board members of the North Lincoln Hospital Foundation. It is an honor to work with a group of people who are so focused on strengthening our local medical services. I look forward to chatting with them as we prepare for the photoshoot. What an interesting and passionate group of people!

It is opportunities like this that make living and working in a small town so rewarding.